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Welcome to liftteams.com!

Since William Charney first introduced the concept of lift teams back in the 1980s, lift teams have received a mixed reception as a viable option for introducing safe patient handling into a healthcare setting. However, the evidence for their effectiveness is beyond dispute, offering a measurable impact on the reduction of musculoskeletal injuries to clinical staff and having a positive effect on patient outcomes.

The liftteams.com website has been developed as a resource and discussion forum for anyone who is part of a lift team, who leads a lift team, is thinking of introducing a lift team, or has questions regarding lift team programs.

Liftteams.com is sponsored by Visioning HealthCare Inc. with content written by a variety of lift team and patient handling experts including  Manon Labreche, PT, CEAS II, Injury Prevention Manager who has successfully led the lift team at Tampa General Hospital (TGH) for 14 years. Since the inception of TGH's lift team in 2002, TGH has seen a 62% reduction in patient handling injuries and > 90% reduction in worker’s compensation costs.

As this website develops we would like to hear from you on what you need to be as successful as you can be with your lift team. Share with us your lift team success stories as well as giving your feedback on existing website content  and what you would like to see in the future.

Email us at info@liftteams.com.