Lift Team Outcomes

Lift Team Outcomes

Staff Satisfaction Outcomes

I have to let you know how fantastic all the members of your lift team are and how they improve the quality of care for all of our patients! I have recently had  2 occasions to work with Matt who was both professional and fun to work with, making my patients feel very comfortable and safe and showing a great deal of patience and empathy. During my 5 years here I have had nothing but exceptional experiences with every lift team member called. They make my job so much less stressful, as well as more enjoyable.  Thank you to all!!!!!

Physical Therapist

I have had the pleasure of working in the Burn ICU for almost a year now. I love the lift team. Especially Gary, Dario, Steve G., and Brian. They are very professional. They create an atmosphere of true collaborative care. They are not afraid of our burn patients and treat them with respect. On rounds they are imperative to our burn dressings and wound care. They are very patient with me when I have a huge dressing. Not only do these guys turn our patients, they get to know them. They offer conversation and needed distraction during those painful dressing changes.  They are just as much a part of our Burn team as PT, OT, and the nurses. I am thankful for them every day they round in our unit or return a page at close to shift change. I am grateful for such an amazing program offered here. I don't know how I would do it without them. You have a great crew.

RN, Burn  ICU

I just wanted to make you aware of gentleman by the name of Jason that is on the lift team. He is a true example of what TGH stands for. He connects with each patient that he has come to the floor to assist with. We had a person of size that needed to be repositioned, changed, etc. He spoke to her and made her feel comfortable and relaxed. We had another patient on the floor that he came to assist. Jason went to the floor and made eye contact with this gentleman and told he was here to help him and would get him off the ground and back in bed safely. I know that both patients received the CCC principles with Jason from the lift team. I just wanted you to be aware. Nice job. Thanks,

Charge Nurse, Surgical Oncology 

Emanuel had a lot of patience last week when he came to help me get a patient out of bed. He was in my room with me for a long time because there were some unexpected occurrences and never once rushed me. He was calm and professional in a very stressful situation. He also made sure I did not need anything else before he left.


Thank you Joel for always being patient oriented and extremely responsive. Exceptionally caring and very skilled in mobilizing patients. Great advocate for patient safety and mobility.


Patient Satisfaction Outcomes

I would like to recognize and thank the entire Lift Team for taking such great care when moving or adjusting me while I was in rooms C924 and C920.In particular Terrance for getting the pillows under my back in such a great position to relieve the pain I was having from sitting in the same position for so long. I would like to thank Josh for getting me to and from the bed with such great ease and comfort. Before I was able to move any on my own I knew that I could trust you to get me moved with little or no pain. Thank you!

Patient, Vascular ICU

To the members of the Lift Team. I have been here long enough to get to know several of them (lift techs) quite well. They have been so helpful and so caring.