Lift Team Success Stories

Lift Team Success Stories

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Lewisburg, PA

When we began this endeavor (lift team), almost three years ago, we were well aware of the need to find a permanent solution to address the safety of our staff and patients in regards to patient handling and movement. We began with a 2-person transfer team and transformed that team into a 4-person lift/transfer team.

Some of the challenges we faced with this team included finding safer tools and techniques to transfer and move patients, but also we needed to change the entire culture within our facility.

For so many years we had been set in our ways of moving patients, two or three person assisted transfers and “patient boosts” were the way we had always done things. Anyone who has spent enough time in healthcare to remember when proper body mechanics were the best possible way to guard against injury will also be able to tell you that change does not come easy in the world of healthcare.

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Tampa, FL

In an effort to reduce staff injuries related to patient handling, Tampa General Hospital (TGH) initiated a lift team program and purchased patient lifting equipment in March 2002.  TGH is a level 1 trauma center with ~1100 beds,  > 8000 employees, magnet hospital, & bariatric center of excellence and is accredited by JACHO.

The lift team program is managed by Employee Health’s Injury Prevention Manager (A full time Physical Therapist). The program began with 6 lift team technicians primarily working during the day. In the past 14 years, the program has grown and now consists of 30 employees: 4 supervisors, 6 lift team tech 2s, 15 lift team technicians 1s, 4 pool staff, and 1 data base management specialist.

The lift team’s responsibilities include repositioning patients in the ICU, transferring patients in/out of bed to recliner, wheelchairs, commodes, stretchers, performing floor transfers, responsible for the maintenance & inventory of all lift equipment and education of staff.

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